5 Mouth Watering Places for Ramadan Food in Delhi

The holy month of Ramadan which begins at 17th May is one of the most promising times for the Muslim community. Involves month of fasting this holy month is celebrated for over 30 days by the Muslim community of an entire country. The end of this long fasting month is marked by Eid-ul-Fitur and the Muslim families break the fast together in the presence of friends or relatives. Besides having the religious importance, this religious month is desired by all food lovers as Iftar meal is something that can never be resisted.

Delhi being a hub for delicious food avails miscellany of delicious dishes, both sweet and savory, bring some mouthwatering delicacies for the foodaholics out there. The one who is fasting is not allowed to drink and east during the daytime so the devoted Muslims who prefer to eat for two times a day never compromise with the taste and variety of food during an entire month. Some of the delicious dishes which are prioritized Iftaar meal are Chicken Shammi kebab, Lahori Special Gajrella from Gawal Mandi,  Kabuli Pulao, Kaghzi kebab, Faalsa Sherbet, Dum Biryani and various others are lined up for you at every nook and corner. With so many of choices in Delhi the food lovers usually get confused for such food lovers here I am mentioning best restaurants and eateries that you need to visit during Ramadan:

Kallan Sweets: One of the most desired places in Area kallan sweets is among one of the most famous sweet shops in Jama Masjid. Famous for its samosa and shahi tukdas, this 79-year-old shop is being visited by India’s biggest chefs. Apart from this known for offering famous food like paneer ki Jalebi, Keema Samosa, and Khoya Samosa; it is one of the preferred places during Ramadan.

Haji Mohammad Hussain: Being mastered by 12 people of the same family this is the most recommended place for the chicken lovers in Delhi. This is another Jama Masjid based food court which was established in 40 years ago and avails its services from 8:00am-11: 00 pm. serving its customers with onions, chutney and Rumali Roti, Haiji Mohammad Hussain is one of the affordable restaurants in Delhi.

Pehlwaan Biryaaniwale: This famous Biryaani shop which opens at 5:00 pm and sells food till 02:00 am is located opposite Ameer sweet shop. Provide its customers with marinated chicken and fried rice, its well-known place in Delhi which serves Mirchi Biryani with the spicy raita. This flavored restaurant is something that can be enjoyed without any gravy and Raita with its delicious taste after long day fast.

Cool Point: Being famous for its drooling dish Shahi Tukda this is a place that offers its customers with the delicious desserts. You can enjoy the flavor of delicious loaves of bread dipped in Khoya, Phirni, badaam milk and Kesar milk and other desserts, that will complete your iftaar

Laung Churey Kebab: The non-vegetarian food is at the top list during Iftaar meals but for vegetable lovers, Laung Churey Kebab is one of the best places that offer the visitors with the delicious Kebab’s made from besan aata and onion. This yummy kebab which is served with a chutney of red chilies, amchur, salt and garam masala can only be enjoyed in Rs.20. is one of the irresistible deal for the vegetarians.

When you are in the capital of city the quality and delicious food will never upset you with its range and availability. During the month of Ramadan when you are longing for the special and traditional food these local food portals of Delhi will provide you with the delectable food that you desire for.

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5 Mouth Watering Places for Ramadan Food in Delhi