Amazon vs. Flipkart: Who wins the War of Discount this Festive Season?

Festival season offers us with an option to shop like crazy, as astounding options are coming your way. As E-commerce most popular hulks are outlandish as they are hosting the big Mega sale for its loyal customers. Flipkart is proudly presenting “Festive Dhamaka Days” On the other hand Amazon is trending with its “Great Indian Festival” sale.  Both the sales that are widely offering great deals and decent collection for its customers are being admired and welcomed each year by its customers. From fashion to electronics, customers can purchase everything from the comfort of their home. The discounts are being offered at your choice products, customers can grab discounts for up to 70% discounts or more on your chosen products. Connected to banks and offers discounts to its customers when they make their payment while connecting to the specific banks that are Amazon has associated with SBI to offer all its customers those who are holding credit card of SBI bank the discount of 10%, while on the other hand Flipkart has partnered with HDFC Bank and offers discount of 10% to all its customers those who are purchasing while making use of Flip kart debit and credit card. Apart from offering discounts these renowned names are equally focused on the quality and the kind of service they offer. Make sure to avail its customers with the most secure payment options, they leave no spare effort to make this mega sale memorable and cherished. The more relished deals offered by these portals are:

Smartphone’s: This headway technological advancement which is believed to be the marvelous creation of technology plays an important role in everyone’s life. Each time the phone is launched in markets the users go crazy, with each new innovative launch gadget lovers feel like the one they are using is useless. Apart from this, these mobile phones have become the fashion statement and status symbols. But there are a few things that each one of us needs to consider before buying a new phone. Well, online portals are considered to be the best option for purchasing the new launches especially the sale season. As the competition among these successful portals favors its customers at lower rates. Let’s look at the lower prices of the leading models offered by these eminent platforms.

Model Name Price on Amazon Price on Flipkart
 Samsung S9  Rs. 42,990  Rs.44,990
 Samsung Galaxy Note 8  Rs. 43,900  Rs. 57,900
 Apple iphone X  Rs. 69,999  Rs. 69,999
 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro  Rs. 15,899  Rs. 12,999
 Honor 9 N  Rs. 17,699  Rs.17,999
 Google Pixel 2XL  Rs. 44,000  Rs. 40,000
 Samsung Galaxy A8+  Rs, 23,990  Rs, 29,990
 Apple Iphonne 6S  Rs, 23,999  Rs, 23,999


A glance at Discounts offered at Flipkart” Festive Dhamaka Days”

Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Days
Flipkart” Festive Dhamaka Day” is believed to be the biggest sale of the year which avails unparallel offers and guaranteed shopping experience. Apart from availing favorable discounts on the Smartphone’s, Flipkart offers some mesmerizing and appreciable discount on Fashion. This renowned portal that is a marketplace for over 40,000 registered sellers and sale over 70 categories are said to be “India Ka Fashion Capital”. Women who are fashion lovers can grab the appreciative discounts on all the fashion products. Well, give a look at the minimum and maximum discounts offered at Flipkart sale:-

Categories Discounts offered
 Fashion Deals  Up To 90% OFF
 Home and Furniture  Up To 50% OFF
 Televisions and Appliances  Up to 80% OFF
 Beauty, Babycare and more  50%-80% OFF
 Electronic Sale  Up to 80% OFF
 High-Performance Laptops  20%-30% OFF Deals
 Gaming Laptops  Up To 40 % OFF Deals
 Trimmers and Personal care  Up To 80% OFF
 Air Conditioners  Up To 30% OFF
 Book offers  Up To 90% OFF
 DSLR Camera offers  Up To 40% OFF


Amazon “Great Indian Festival Sale”

Amazon Great Indian Festival
Amazon which is the other big survival in this huge arena of online portals is the one that brings various lighting deals to its online shoppers.  This rival of Flipkart that put every effort to allure its customers with great deals avail them with the reputed brands such as such as Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Biba, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Sony, and JBL is the amazing option for customers to purchase new at the end of the season. Here view the discounts offered on different categories:

Categories Discounts offered
 Fashion Deals  From 40%-80% OFF
 Home and Furniture  Up To 75% OFF
 Televisions and Appliances  Up To 40% OFF
 Beauty, Baby care and more  Up To 35% OFF
 Electronic sale  Up To 80% OFF
 High-Performance Laptops  Up To 35% OFF deals
 Mobile & Tablet  Up To 50% OFF Deals
 Pen Drives  Up to 65% off
 Watches  40%-80% OFF
 DSLR Camera Offers  Up To 35% OFF

So, if you are the one who is planning to change your wardrobe or looking for some digital advancements purchase from this well-named portals at favorable prices.

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Amazon vs. Flipkart: Who wins the War of Discount this Festive Season?