KFC Wednesday Offers: Enjoy Upto 25% on All Orders

KFC the leading restaurant which is known for its delicious Chicken recipe all over the World. Mr. Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, set up his restaurant on the roadside in Kentucky, USA. With unexpected customer response in Kentucky, he expanded his roots by providing services in other cities too. Within few years, the business reaches a great extent in various cities. Mr. Colonel sold his business to two investors John & Jack, as he found difficult to manage this huge business.  After that KFC multiplied worldwide and between 1986 to 1991, near about 2000 plus outlets of KFC were opened in various countries. From history pages, it emerges that before opening KFC, Colonel Harland run a restaurant with 142 seats.

State Governor, Ruby Lafoon has appointed Harland as the ‘Kentucky Colonel’ for outstanding achievements in the community. Before 1991, KFC knew as Kentucky Fried Chicken but when its manager’s analysis that customers used to call KFC instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then onwards, KFC set as the official name, and its name changed from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC all over the countries. During in his last age, Colonel used to visit and travel thousands of miles for business purposes.

At present, there are more than 18,875 KFC outlets in 118 countries worldwide. In its initial years, KFC only provides fried chicken. Currently, you will get the various mouth-watering recipes like chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, fries, salads, desserts, breakfast with soft drinks. Near about 100,000 plus employees worldwide working with KFC and still expanding.

KFC –Timeline History

1937 – Colonel opened the restaurant with 142 seats.

1940 – The historic KFC recipe was born.

1952 – The First KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken was opened.

1957 – The KFC started offering chicken in buckets.

1964 – More than 600 outlets of KFC in the US, Canada, England combines.

1971 – The KFC has over 3500 KFC branches worldwide.

1976 – From sources, it surveyed that Colonel Sanders ranked as world’s second most famous professional.

1979 – KFC has more than 6000 outlets across the globe.

1980 – The Founder Colonel Harland pass away.

1986 – Pepsico has taken KFC.

1997 – PepsiCo left the division of its restaurant as Trichon Global Restaurant, which changed its name to Yum! Brand in 2002.

KFC in India

KFC knock India’s door in the 1990s to open their outlet for the people of India. By getting the permit from the Indian government, KFC has to open 30 stores all over India. In June 1995, the first KFC branch was opened in Bangalore from 30 outlets. But in 2017 there are 300 KFC outlets opened in India today. With best services and a wide range of choices KFC winning the people interest with time and become the first favorite food restaurant chain in India. In India, most of the people have the delusion that KFC offers only fried chicken or for non-veg people alone; this is not true at all. In fact, in India KFC provides various vegetarian items – Veg Rice Bowlz, Veg Zinger, and Veg Strips.

But the journey of KFC in India was not entirely comfortable, a lot of protests, people were against KFC due to which Bangalore outlet was often looted. KFC management demanded police protection to prevent future attacks, therefore, a police van was permanently parked outside the branch for a year. The second outlet opened in the same year in Delhi but the revenue from both stores not enough to continue the KFC business in India.

The reason behind the failure of KFC business in India is anti-KFC movements. The anti-KFC changes blamed KFC for using unwanted monosodium glutamate in high amount, that extremely harmful to health. With all these complaints file against KFC, the KFC fast food restaurant loss the people trust and this lead to failure of KFC business in India. At last, KFC had to back foot from the Indian market.

After the Indian market calmed down, KFC came back in 1999 to the country and opened an outlet in Bangalore. Before 2004, KFC has only one store in India which get the people responsible and generate good revenue. With time KFC expanded its business roots all over India and today, in every city KFC outlet can be easily found. However, with too many issues and rejection from customers, KFC rise with hope and now become one of the most pleasant fast food restaurant in India.

KFC – Popular Products in India

KFC listed various attractive and delicious products on their menu. Below we highlight all items and products offers by KFC in India:

  1. Chicken
  2. Burgers
  3. Rice Bowlz
  4. Snacks
  5. Beverages

These are the products provide by KFC, which include various items under their name. Check all the items of above mention products below.


  • Triple Treat – Now enjoy 4pcs Smoky Grilled, 4pc Hot & Crispy and 6 pcs Boneless strips @599 Rupees only.
  • Chick & Share Bucket + 3 Pepsi – Choose and enjoy any of the three new delicious chicken buckets along 3 Pepsi cans @ 445 Rupee only.
  • 8 Pc Hot & Crispy – Grab the delicious, crunchy, juicy chicken to redefine your taste. 8 pc Hot & Crispy just @630 Rupees only.
  • 6 Pc Hot & Crispy – Same taste and spicy Hot & Crispy chicken to enjoy with buds just @525 Rupees only.
  • 4 Pc Hot & Crispy – Enjoy the taste of Hot & Crispy chicken pack of 4 pc just @345 Rupees only.
  • 2 Pc Hot & Crispy – Get the little bundle of 2 pc Hot & Crispy to enjoy the spicy chicken just @ 179 Rupees only.
  • 8 Pc Smoky Grilled – Smoky Grilled Chicken the juicy chicken pickled with smoky sauce and grilled perfectly, grab this fresh and mouth-watering pack of 8 pc just @630 Rupees only.
  • 6 Pc Smoky Grilled – Smoky Grilled Chicken the juicy chicken pickled with smoky sauce and grilled perfectly, grab this fresh and mouthwatering pack of 8 pc just @525 Rupees only.
  • 4 Pc Smoky Grilled – Smoky Grilled Chicken the juicy chicken pickled with smoky sauce and grilled perfectly, grab this fresh and mouth-watering pack of 8 pc just @345 Rupees only.
  • Chicken Fried Roll – Chicken Fried Roll new way to taste the delicious crispy chicken, wrap with cheesy sauces and veggies to spice up @119 Rupees only.
  • Friendship Bucket – Now enjoy the 4-different taste in one bucket, 3pc Hot Wings + 3pc Hot & Crispy + 3pc Boneless Strips + Popcorn just @585 Rupees only.
  • Smoky Duo Bucket Meal – Get the delicious bucket meal and enjoy 4pc of smoky + 4pc of Boneless chicken strips +2 Pepsi cans just @465 Rupees only.
  • Duo Bucket Meal – Get the delightful bucket meal and enjoy 4pc of Hot & Crispy + 4pc of Boneless chicken strips +2 Pepsi cans just @449 Rupees only.
  • Mingles Buckey – Now enjoy 2 chicken snacks in single bucket, 3pc Boneless pieces + 6 pc Hot wings just @229 Rupees only.


  • 2 Double Down Burger – Enjoy the double chicken burger pack full crispy, juicy, chicken strip place with lettuce, 2 creamy sauces + cheese for extra taste just @389 Rupees only.
  • 5 in 1 Zinger Box – Enjoy the complete package of meal in one box, chicken Zinger + Lotte Choco + 1 pc veg strip + 2 pc Hot wing and can of Pepsi just @209 Rupees only.
  • Chicken Fried Roll – Enjoy the Chicken Fried Roll pack of 2 fresh, delicious crispy chicken fill with cheesy sauces and veggies.
  • Chicken Zinger – Chicken Zinger Burger crispy, juicy chicken fillet, crisp lettuce & a good pack of taste just @140 Rupees only.
  • Veg Zinger – Now enjoy 100% real veggies, crispy, topped with fresh lettuce and eggless mayo, in a soft bun. Crunchier & delicious get @124 Rupees only.
  • Chicken Rockin – Topped with new + creamy pepper mayo layer+ iceberg lettuce in a soft bun just @105 Rupees only.

Rice Bowlz

  • Smoky Rice Bowl – KFC exotic rice the complete meal package in a bowl + flavorful gravy + mouth-watering smoky grilled chicken in one bowl just @149 Rupees only.
  • Chicken Rice Bowl – KFC exotic rice the complete meal package meal package in a bowl + flavorful gravy + crispy and crunchy chicken popcorn just @120 Rupees only.
  • Veg Rice Bowl – KFC exotic rice the complete meal package in a bowl + flavorful sauce + yummy veg strips just @120 Rupees only.
  • 5 in 1 Rice Box – Now enjoy 5 KFC items in one box – Rice and Gravy + 1pc hot & crispy chicken + 2pc hot wings + Lotte Choco pie + Pepsi cans just @209 Rupees only.
  • Smoky Rice Bowl + Pepsi – KFC exotic rice a complete meal bowl – flavorful gravy + crispy, smoky grilled chicken with chilled Pepsi can @ 185 Rupees only.
  • Chicken Rice Bowl & Pepsi – KFC exotic rice a complete meal bowl – flavorful gravy + crispy chicken popcorn with chilled Pepsi can @ 155 Rupees only.
  • Veg Rice Bowl & Pepsi – KFC imported rice a full meal bowl – flavorful sauce + crispy chicken popcorn with chilled Pepsi can @ 155 Rupees only.


  • 3 Pc Boneless Strips – Taste the boneless strips of 3 pc crispy, crunchy and juicy chicken, the ultimate fusion of taste @120 Rupees only.
  • 6 Pc Boneless Strips – – Taste the boneless strips of 6 pc crispy, crunchy and spicy chicken, the ultimate fusion of flavor @ 205Rupees only.
  • 4 Pc Hot Wings – Most favorite KFC No. 1 snack, lemon chili flavor, crispy and delicious items @ 120 Rupees only.
  • 2 Pc Hot & Crispy – Enjoy the hot and crispy 2 pc chicken snack, crunchy + juicy chicken + makes mood anytime @ 179 Rupees only.
  • 4 Pc Hot & Crispy – Enjoy the hot and crispy 4 pc chicken snack, crunchy + spicy chicken + makes mood anytime @ 345 Rupees only.
  • 1 Pc Hot & Crispy – Enjoy the hot and crispy 1 pc chicken snack, crunchy + juicy chicken + makes mood anytime @ 95 Rupees only.

KFC Wednesday Offer 2017 – Special Discounts for All users

Now enjoy the 10 Pc of hot and crispy chicken just @ 400 Rupees on every Wednesday. Moreover, grab the KFC super sixes bucket for Rupees 499 only. Payment with Paytm wallet return 100% cashback. So, hurry up and enjoy this unique Wednesday offer with your buddies and family.

Here we listed all KFC Wednesday discount for regular customers.

How to Avail KFC Wednesday Offer

Visit official website of KFC

Choose and click on buy now

Add food in the cart

Login with register account

Fill the shipping address details

Now apply KFC coupon code and make payment and you are done.

Check all KFC Wednesday Offer

Enjoy 10 pc of Hot & Crispy Chicken just @400 INR

Now enjoy the 10 pc of Hot & Crispy Chicken for Rupees 400 only, on other days it at approx. @650. On Wednesday special grab this massive deal at just 400 INR & enjoy with family or friends.  Read the terms & conditions below:

  • Offer valid for Wednesday only.
  • Offer valid upto limited time period
  • Product delivery is only available in selected stores.

KFC Wednesday Offer Buy 6 Get 6 Free

Now you can avail 6 chicken pieces free while you buy 6. This offer is valid on Wednesday and online orders selected locations. For more details please visit the merchant website.

4 Zinger Burgers @ 350 Rs Only

Buy 4 Zinger Burgers only @350 INR on Wednesday. Offer valid until upto limited time period. Moreover, offer valid in selected Airport stores and Medicity. Enjoy the Zinger Burgers this Wednesday and save more money. Give a treat to your friends this Wednesday by collecting more.

KYC – Triple Treat Offer

Now at @499 Rs get 4 pc Hot & Crispy + 4 pc smoky grilled with 6 pc boneless strips. Enjoy the combined taste this Wednesday with your office buddies & make some happy moments in 499 Rupees only.

  • Offer valid up to limited time period, on Wednesday only.
  • Offer valid on dine in, delivery orders.
  • Offer valid across selected Airport stores & Medicity.

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