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Sunfeast Yippee Noodles is the product of Imperial Tobacco Company (ITC) which is an Indian based company. In 2001, ITC launched “Kitchen of India” in the Indian food market. Many brands and products are running under the name of ITC such as Sunfeast, Mint-O, Candyman confectionary, Ashirvaad Atta, and many more. In 2003, Sunfeast initially introduces the biscuit segment, later in 2007 Sunfeast introduced Bingo that running successfully in the Indian market. In 2010, one more noodle brand was launched in the Indian market by Sunfeast, “Yippee Noodles.”

At that time people knows Maggie as the instant noodle, by competing all odds Yippee Noodles win the trust of people and growing worldwide. From sources, Yippee Noodles has 34-36% of market share in 2016. In seven years sunfeast noodles gained popularity and being in trend among children and middle age people. With discount offers and money saving deals Yippee noodles being favorite for customers. In 2014, sunfeast yippee noodles ad on television rank as “The Better Noodle” which is – non-sticky, long, tasty and can be eaten after 30 minutes of cooking as well. As per Indian Noodle Market, Sunfeast has gains market share from 0.71% in 2010 to 15.81% in 2016.

Yippee Noodles come in the attractive package of different weights, having round shape which holds the noodles intact and smooth and long. Yippee Noodles allows their customers to buy from online stores like Amazon to get instant cashback on a variety pack of products. Paying through Paytm reward some discount engage the consumer in purchasing Yippee noodles. Sunfeast noodle product is available in two different packages single or family pack. The minimum price tag set for noodle is Rs. 10 to compete for the price of Maggie. Almost all over India, yippee noodle is available from small stores to large stores. Easy to cook and easy to serve, most favorite food item for children and people who stay far away from their homes.

The most popular online store Amazon tie-up with Yippee Noodles – provide yippee noodles free voucher with various cashback offers. People can buy yippee noodle from anywhere and can redeem their reward or money from Amazon. To know how to purchase and win cashback on each yippee noodle pack – stick to the post and continue reading.

Yippee Noodles Offers on Amazon

Everybody knows about Amazon in India, which is the most popular online store and preferred online platform for shopping. This time Amazon.in giving the Free Amazon Gift Voucher Code on the purchase of Yippee Noodles. Now on buying Yippee Noodles pack under Yippee Maalamal Offer consumer will get Rs. 15 Free Amazon voucher with 2 in 1 Yippee Noodle Pack, Rs 25 Amazon Voucher with 4 in 1 Yippee Noodles pack and Rs. 10 Amazon Voucher on single pack Yippee Noodles. Anyone can grab this special offer season until 28 February 2018, and one user can get this offer for three times only. This Yippee Maalamal offers available for all existing and new users.

Buy Yippee Noodles from your nearest shop and stores of worth Rs 25 or Rs 45. While buying, make sure that Amazon gift voucher ad is specified in the noodle pack. So, what are you waiting for buy Yippee Noodles pack of your choice and earn the free Amazon Voucher. The excellent loot season for Noodles lovers. After purchase, if you find difficult to use this process, then follow our post. Here we explained quickly to redeem the free voucher code at Amazon.in

How to earn free Amazon Voucher up to 25 Rupees on Yippee Noodles Packs

  1. Visit the nearest shop or grocery store or Supermarket/mart.
  2. Buy 4 segments of Yippee Noodles Pack to earn 25 Rs. Amazon voucher/ 2 segments of Yippee Noodles Pack to earn 15 Rs. / 1 segment of Yippee Noodles Pack to earn 10 Rs. Amazon voucher (Make Sure Yippee Maalamal Offer is printed on the pack).
  3. Open the package and search for Amazon Voucher code on Yippee Masala pouch inside.
  4. Now visit Amazon Free Voucher Redeem Page. Click here.
  5. After logging from your username and password, pinch the unique gift code voucher.
  6. Press enter, now Rs. 10 or Rs. 15 or Rs. 25 will be immediately loaded to your Amazon account.
  7. Repeat the same process on every purchase of Yippee Noodles pack.

Read out the Terms & Condition:

  • Offer valid until 28 February 2019.
  • Offer valid for 3 times per registered Amazon user.
  • This offer is openly available in India only.
  • Consumers can get and redeem Amazon Free Voucher code by 28 February 2018.
  • Amazon Voucher Code of Rs 25, Rs 15 and Rs 10 – available on a pack of four in one/ two in one pack/ single pack of yippee noodles respectively.

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